Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson

Download film Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) BluRay + Subtitle Indonesia untuk pc, laptop, hp android, dan smartphone lainnya

Download Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) BluRay + Subtitle Indonesia
  • Movie Info:
  • Tanggal Rilis: 05-06-2015
  • Durasi: 97 Minutes
  • Rating: 6.3/10 (27,085)
  • Sutradara: Leigh Whannell
  • Aktor: Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson

A prequel set before the haunting of the Lambert family that reveals how gifted psychic Elise Rainier reluctantly agrees to use her ability to contact the dead in order to help a teenage girl who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity.

Download Film Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) BluRay + Subtitle Indonesia

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  • Resolusi : 360p
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  • Resolusi : 500x260
  • Subtitle: Bahasa Indonesia

Insidious: Chapter 3 Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Stefanie Scott, Lin Shaye Horror Sequel HD

After trying t0 c0nnect with her dead m0ther, teenager Quinn Brenner, ask physic Elise Rainier t0 help her, she refuses due t0 neg0tiate events in her childh00d. Quinn starts n0ticing paran0rmal events happen in her h0use. After a vici0us attack fr0m a dem0n her father g0es back and begs Elise Rainier t0 use her abilities t0 c0ntact the 0ther side in h0pe t0 st0p these attacks by this furi0us dem0n c0ntent f0r a b0dy.

Some Comments

  • The Most Sentimental Horror Movie I've Ever Seen (buscemislvr-41703)
  • Though not better than its' predecessor, "Insidious: Chapter 3" earns its' own right as a standalone movie with some emotional undercurrents. (kshirad)
  • Sometimes they get it right. (Joey Justiss)
  • A Great Entry! (vengeance20)
  • An effective prequel to the daunting Insidious movie series (kuronox)
  • the best INSIDIOUS ever for now!!! (fluffset)
  • Suspense and horror that I haven't experienced in a very long time (randymcbeast)
  • Best horror movie after Halloween (1978) (Burak Ekici)
  • My fav of the series (not saying it's the best) (atinder)
  • A pleasant surprise (sea_angel-75127)

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