The Perfect House (2012)

Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, John Philbin

Download film The Perfect House (2012) UNCUT BluRay + Subtitle Indonesia untuk pc, laptop, hp android, dan smartphone lainnya

Download The Perfect House (2012) UNCUT BluRay + Subtitle Indonesia
  • Movie Info:
  • Tanggal Rilis: --2013
  • Durasi: 84 Minutes
  • Rating: 4.1/10 (401)
  • Sutradara:
  • Aktor: Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, John Philbin

A young couple's dream home turns into a house of horrors when the disturbing, violent acts of three generations of doomed families is reawakened for them to witness.

Download Film The Perfect House (2012) UNCUT BluRay + Subtitle Indonesia

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First Official Trailer [HD] - The Perfect House horror movie (2011)

Newlyweds, Mike and Maris0l, are given the t0ur 0f their p0tential dream h0me by a perky real estate Agent. They s00n find 0ut that their perfect h0use might just have a past. The ugly h0rr0rs 0f this h0use are revealed thr0ugh three 0riginal tales 0f terr0r: "THE STORM" A Hitchc0ck inspired, dark shad0w filled tale 0f an abusive family taking shelter in their basement fr0m a vi0lent, fast appr0aching st0rm. S00n we learn that the weather isn't the 0nly thing threatening t0 tear this family apart.... "CHIC-KEN" Jas0n, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger are all myth0l0gical perfect killing machines that still t0 this day terr0rize 0ur subc0nsci0us. But c0uld the perfect serial killer truly exist? Maybe he's already been 0perating undetected f0r years. Maybe he's s0me0ne's next-d00r neighb0r. Maybe even y0urs...... "DINNER GUEST" Overseas t0urists and malc0ntents have been t0rtured and dismembered by sick s0ci0paths in puzzling ways many times 0ver. These days y0u never kn0w what can be ... Written by Kris Hulbert

Some Comments

  • First define your reasons for watching this movie.. (rushknight)
  • So off the charts's like an interactive insult (bob_meg)
  • Awful Film and a Waste of time (seniornibbles)
  • Enough already with the "evil" houses! (Ringhio8)
  • Smarter than it may first appear... (ms-omen73)
  • Gripping and grueling, but ultimately not a lot of fun (lazarillo)
  • 'The Perfect House' (Screener Review) (Drew Van Ess)
  • Evil house - not evil people (ms_sdak)
  • Ugly, unpleasant, and hence quite effective horror anthology (Woodyanders (

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